Grade 9's basic schedule for grade 10

April - December-----keep contacts with your child's class teacher.

Attend every information opportunity the school offer to parents.

Every exam your child takes will be the record's contents to the koukou.

October-----decide whether your child will go to koukou or not.

99% of 9 graders chose NOT to work. This 99% includes going to an institution/facility that won't give s/he the 12-grade certification.

November----- If your child's decision is going to a koukou(grade 10-12), decide how to take the exam(s) among these 4 patterns.

Each A - D has advantages and disadvantages.

A: only (a) private school(s)

B: both (a) public school(s) and (a) private school(s)

C: only (a) public school(s) (some administrative units give only one public school entrance exam)

D: technical or vocational schools (some of them offer the certification of koukou. Some of them require extra cost for the certification.)

December - January-----recommended students entrance exam mainly to private, sometimes public

February-----private schools general entrance exam

You'll see the result.

You'll pay a part of the enrollment fee.

March-----graduation ceremony

public schools recommended students entrance exam

general entrance exam

You'll see the result.

You'll pay the enrollment fee if you choose the school.

The majority of public schools don't need tuitions, but it depends on the local government.